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Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen Photo Op Photo Tour 2022


Canada's only grizzly bear sanctuary is located at the tip of a long, remote and pristine inlet on the northern coast of British Columbia. Much of the area is closed to the public - and only two licensed guides are allowed to lead very small groups into the heart of this majestic, globally unique ecosystem - The Khutzeymateen Estuary. The sanctuary is home to about 50 resident grizzlies, with many more passing through during the year. This remote piece of wilderness is set within one of the planet's few remaining completely intact temperate rainforests and offers a stunning, verdant backdrop to observe and photograph wild grizzlies as they interact with one another as they have for millennia. The bears themselves grant visitors with a very rare privilege: they allow humans fully and completely into their rich and behaviourally diverse daily lives. Be one of under 200 people - and far, far fewer photographers - annually gifted with the intimate experience of sharing the lives of the Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen.


Think of this one as "Khutzeymateen Lite"! This "photo-op" style photo tour offers a reduced instructional component (no online bear photography instruction before the trip) but with 4 full days spent photographing the Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen. It is geared toward photographers who primarily want access to the area, the bears, and the overall experience in a non-crowded environment (all the photo tours are limited to 6 individuals to ensure everyone has good shooting angles) and who may not have the time for the longer instructional photo tour.

This photo tour begins and ends in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada.

What's Included? Accommodation and meals in Prince Rupert before your time in the Khutzeymateen are NOT included in the price of this tour. But, like with the full instructional photo tour, float plane transport into (and out of) the Khutzeymateen and all food and accommodation once there ARE included in the price. A certified bear guide, photography guide, and all sanctuary and conservancy fees are also included. Note that all participants will receive detailed information and extensive photographic "tips and tricks" about the idiosyncrasies of shooting bears in the Khutzeymateen prior to the trip.

Sample Photos? Many of the Grizzly Bear images in my very popular "Bears" photo gallery were captured in the Khutzeymateen - feel free to check them out to see what the Khutzeymateen has to offer for a keen photographer!

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PHOTO TOUR TYPE: Photo Op Photo Tour (go here for a description of the types of our photo tours).


DURATION: 4 NIGHTS/5 DAYS in the Khutzeymateen aboard the Afterglow (a 60-foot fully customized Gulf Commander powerboat).

PROVISIONAL DATES: May 28 to June 2, 2022, including arrival and departure days. May 29-June 2 aboard the Afterglow.


CURRENT NUMBER OF AVAILABLE SPOTS: 0 (sold out). While this trip is currently sold out, when trips sell out this far in advance it is not uncommon that cancellations occur. Please contact me at if you'd like to be placed on a waiting list for this amazing photo tour.

COST: $5999 CAD plus 5% GST. Currency converter available here.

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS TRIP: This photo tour is not excessively physically demanding and there is no hiking involved. However, to fully enjoy and participate in the trip there are a few physical tasks you should be able to perform. These include:

Being able to easily move between the main boat and the Zodiac. This involves stepping from the deck of the Afterglow and into the Zodiac.
Shooting your camera from within a Zodiac. This involves multiple tasks, including shooting your camera while sitting on the pontoon of the Zodiac or, at times, while sitting on the floor of the Zodiac. In some cases you may find that the most convenient way to shoot will be while kneeling (on your knees) on the bottom of the Zodiac. Note that tripods can NOT be used within the Zodiac and while it is theoretically possible to use a monopod in the Zodiac, few photographers find it practical.

On some occasions it WILL be possible to stand in the Zodiac when shooting, but you will be shooting while sitting or kneeling far more frequently. A degree of flexibility and/or suppleness can make your time in the Zodiac far more productive and enjoyable!

REGISTRATION: Contact me at to reserve your spot!

MORE INFORMATION? Just download THIS BROCHURE (PDF: 2.4 MB) or contact me at for more information and details about this spectacular photo tour.