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Looking for a simple way to stay on top of critical goings-on in the world of wildlife photography? You know...stuff like real world field tests of current camera gear that provide you with the REAL lowdown on how it actually works in the field and not just what some marketing geeks WANT you to think? How about tips that will help you ensure that your images are the sharpest they can possibly be? And wildlife conservation issues that could affect how you work in the field now and in the future? And a whole lot more...

Well...then you need to sign-up for the VERY sporadic Natural Art Images Newsletter. And signing up is simple as pie! Just email me at:

• Stuff you MUST include in your sign-up request: Just your name (first and last) and your email address!

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More About the Newsletter...

A few anticipated FAQ's (and answers) about the newsletter:

1. Are you going to fill my in-bin with junk email?

Nope - not at all. You'll get 1-4 newsletters per year and that's it. And, they'll come ONLY when I have interesting information and/or worthwhile content to share.

2. Are you going to sell or share my email address?

Absolutely NOT. I won't share it, lend it out, rent it out, sell it, or abuse it any way. Guaranteed.

3. Are you going to give me a chance at nabbing your used camera gear BEFORE you put it on your website?

Good idea - sure I'll do that.

4. Are you going to give me a chance at booking a spot on your most popular photo tours BEFORE you put them up on your website or market them anywhere else?

Another good idea - sure I'll do that too!