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Limited Edition Prints: About the Prints

Thanks for considering a Natural Art Images Limited Edition Print. All the prints in both my Wildlife Art Series and my Natural Art Series are available for browsing online. Or, if you'd prefer, you may download a PDF file of the complete catalog (4.5 MB) and peruse the collection at your leisure.

Why are Natural Art Images Limited Edition Prints truly unique? Here's just a few of the reasons:

VERY Limited Print Runs: Edition run lengths limited to 10 or 25 prints only.

Impeccable Quality: To ensure the highest quality, I personally print and inspect each of the Limited Edition Prints.

Media: All prints are sold as either an archival print transferred to canvas or as a direct print to canvas (see below for additional details).

Ready to Hang: All prints are mounted on stretcher bars with hanging wires.

Certificate of Authenticity: Each print is hand-numbered and signed and accompanied by an official Certificate of Authenticity.

Truly Natural: All images are of subjects photographed while roaming freely in their natural environment - none were photographed in game farms or zoos.

Conservation Support: A full ten percent of the SELLING PRICE (not the "profit") is donated to worthy conservation organizations (see below for additional details).

VERY limited Limited Edition Prints

Many so-called "Limited" edition art products have run lengths in the hundreds or even thousands. In these cases the term "limited" becomes nearly meaningless and there is little or no actual limitation to the availability of the item. As such, the possibility of the item appreciating in value is almost nil.

Natural Art Images Limited Edition Prints are limited to very short run lengths - each print has a run length of either 10 or 25 prints. Each print is offered in only one size and on only one medium. Each print also has a smaller number of Artist's Proofs associated with it - only 4 in print runs of 10 and only 10 in print runs of 25. I reserve the right to retain possession of up to 50% of the Artist's Proofs, with the balance of them either being donated to charitable organizations or sold at a premium of at least 20% over the issue price.

Print Media

All Natural Art Images Limited Edition Prints are printed using either high quality ultrachrome inks or archival inks. Minimum lifespan is in excess of seventy-five years.

Each Limited Edition Print is offered as either an Archival Print with Canvas Transfer or as an Archival Print on PremierArt Canvas (printed directly on water resistant canvas). Canvas Transfers inherit the fine texture of the canvas yet retain all the detail of the original image. The Canvas Transfer process is labour-intensive and performed by hand. Canvas Transfer prints have an attractive lustre and are both highly durable and stain resistant.

Those Limited Edition Prints that are printed directly on PremierArt water resistant canvas retain only slightly less detail than Canvas Transfers but possess a more pronounced texture. The final finish has a slightly less reflective and more matte-like lustre than the Canvas Transfer prints.

All Limited Edition Prints are mounted on stretcher bars and are ready to hang on your wall. The mounted prints may, of course, be framed to suit your taste and style.

Print Series

All Natural Art Images Limited Edition Prints fall into one of two series. The Wildlife Art Series consists of prints of North American mammals and birds. The subjects vary from rare and endangered through to those that are reasonably commonplace. All share two things. All were photographed while roaming freely in their natural environment (none were photographed in zoos or game farms). And, all are united by their inherent natural beauty.

The Natural Art Series consists of prints of subjects that are not normally considered wildlife (such as insects, flowers, or scenery). The common thread in these subjects is simply that I was lucky enough to expose the art that is inherent in all of nature.

Conservation Support

Support of wildlife and habitat conservation is a major focus and goal of my photography. A full ten percent of the selling price of each print (not the "profit" of the print) is donated to the non-profit environmental organization most appropriate to the welfare of the subject.

A complete listing of the conservation organizations supported by Natural Art Images, plus a summary of the other conservation programs of Natural Art Images, may be viewed in the Conservation section of this website.

Ordering Limited Edition Prints

You have a variety of means of ordering any of my Limited Edition Prints:

Visit Authorized Retailer: View list of current retailers.

Toll Free Phone: Call Prints Charming at 1-877-460-3851 (Canada and USA ONLY) during the following hours (all times Mountain Time): 10 AM to 6 PM Monday to Friday; 10 AM to 5:30 PM Saturday; Noon to 4 PM Sunday.

Email Enquiries: Email me at (please include the title of the print you are interested in).